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  • Serenhold


    “It’s the brightest light of civilisation you’re likely to find in the Gulf, but that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it there.”   Navigator Tertius Ernadine Ruhk Though technically still classified as an Adeptus Mechanicus colony world, Serenhold is the most powerful Imperial-aligned world in the frontier space of the Morana Gulf. Aspiring to the status […]

  • The Von Kroyer and Vipinicus Vendetta – Part Two

    The Von Kroyer and Vipinicus Vendetta – Part Two

    “…and in their wickedness shall be revealed unto them the Retribution of Angels” Inscription on memorial stone on Retribution (Formerly Vipinicix Magna) Observers may wonder why the lopsided vendetta between the Vipinicus and von Kroyer dynasties has continued for so long. Until recently the von Kroyer dynasty could muster only three starships and held no […]

  • The Von Kroyer and Vipinicus Vendetta – Part One

    The Von Kroyer and Vipinicus Vendetta – Part One

    “A word of advice my Lord Captain: Don’t start anything your descendents can’t finish”  Famula Superior Aruna, Order of the Sacred Coin Rogue Traders excel above all at excess. Their opulent holdings and grandiose acts inevitably dwarf those of the Imperium’s lesser nobility. To the little people they are as gods of the material realm; […]

  • Oruk


    “Numberless were her cattle, her slaves, her concubines. Indestructible her star-ships and her biomyrmidons. Her dynasty’s name will be worshipped even unto the darkening of the stars”    Epitaph found in the tomb of Sumaserakh XII, Gene-Lord of Oruk The region of space now known as the Morana Gulf was once a prosperous Imperial sector, […]

  • Vanshaya


    “The High Protector wants ten million barrels of crude by next week. All hail the new boss, same as the old boss.”   Ny Thoko, Oilfield Overseer Vanshaya lies in a region of space which was, until recently, subject to a quarantine order by the Imperium due to a massive outbreak of deadly warp entities […]

  • Ranamanda Magna

    Ranamanda Magna

    “You can’t grow nothing, can’t eat the wildlife, can’t drink the water. It’s a perfect market!”  August Aquifer of August Aquifer’s Honorable Water Purification Co. Ramananda Magna is a fledgling mining world with a rapidly expanding population beyond the current borders of Imperial space. Originally settled by clans of freeholders, the planet has more recently […]