About this project

Hello traveller!

If you found this site, you’re probably a fan of the range of roleplaying games released for the Warhammer 40k universe.

We’re a small group of nerds who have been roleplaying in the 40k universe for way too long. Along the way, we’ve made our own homebrew region of space that we call the Nimbus Trident. The Trident is comprised of three sectors: Perios, Salanid, and Harald; as well as two colonial expanses: the Morana Gulf and the Galvix Cluster.

All together, these sectors and expanses contain something like 200 unique worlds, with their own history, factions, infamous characters, and intrigue.

The aim of this project is to make the Nimbus Trident available to you.

We will try to go through our old notes and maps and brainstorming ideas and present you the Nimbus Trident as a place you can set your own games in – or to lift our materials and slot them into your own home game.